Are you single? Wish to find your partner?

Have an own consultant in finding your way in the labirynth of dating!

Dating Coach may offer a solution to everybody who does not want to wait for the right one for long and does not wish to start finding their partner single-handed. Why to wait until tomorrow? Take the first step now!

Dating Coach – experience, empathy, expertise

Finding the right one is about finding out who you are.

Dating Consulting


Dating Coach was established for giving assistance to singles to help them become conscious and successful in dating and find the one with whom they are able to establish a happy and longstanding relationship.

Help is given to:

  • Everybody who is searching for his/her partner and has already recognized that making efforts are a must for finding the right one.
  • The person who has realized that success is subject to the work done as is the case in other fields of life.
  • The persons needing useful and practical advice, ideas and guidance during the dating process.
  • The person who thinks that his/her problems related to finding a partner have to be discussed with an expert and wants to receive answers to his/her questions.
  • The persons who wish to learn more about themselves and about the way of communicating with the opposite sex.
  • Everybody wishing to develop and learn.

How is assistance given?

During consultations each person is given customized assistance in dating.

No sameness exists when somebody tries to find love. This is why everybody is furnished with a tailored strategy that might be the most successful and quickest solution for them.

Fields in which assistance is given:

  • Persons searching for their partner are given help in realizing their assets that make them unique, attractive and successful in the process of dating. 
  • Help is given in mapping in which areas improvement is needed to find a partner more easily.
  • Help is given in wording the personality that suits the best to a certain individual. It is not enough to find somebody – a partner able to make the other happy in the long run has to be found. External and internal assets, values and believes will be deeply discussed. 
  • Assistance is given in selecting the method that is the most suitable for the person seeking a life-long relationship. Ideas and advice are given in where and how to make efforts and what are the critical points that are to be avoided.
  • Help is given in preparing for the different phases of dating. Where to go, what to wear when dating for the first time? What to say about yourself and how? What questions to put to the other so that you can make a well-grounded decision?
  • I teach numerous communication techniques that not only facilitate making friends but may also be useful in later phases of the relationship and in other fields of life.
  • The person trying to find his/her partner may discuss with me topics that he/she does not want or dare to with others.
  • Help is given in establishing a life-style guaranteeing your physical fitness, attractiveness and juvenility in the long run.
  • You may get assistance even if you’ve already found your partner and wish to make your relationship successful and happy in the long run.

Price of Dating Consulting:

HUF 8,000 / 120 minutes 

If you want to become conscious and successful in dating and find your partner within the earliest possible time, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Dating Coach – customized solutions